Summer Homework

Boy doing summer homework at table Wakayama, Japan


Clouds foaming over mountain Osaka Japan

Swimming in Creek

Boy swimming in creek Wakayama Japan


Boy st Shrine

Boy looking up tree looking for bus at shrine Wakayama Japan


Tree Climbing

Coming out of Water

Feet obove Water

Boy with Beetles

Girl with Goldfish

Bon Festival

Girl with Hat

Girl wearing hat walking through grass field Osaka Japan

Under Water Sun

Sun from underwater view Osaka Japan

Underwater Swimmer

Boy Swimming Wakayama Japan

Searching Bugs

Boy searching for bugs in grass field, Okayama Japan

Rainny Day

Boy sitting door way waiting for rain to stop Wakayama Japan

Going Home

Three boys going home walking through rice field Wakayama Japan

Dragon Fly Catcher

Boy catching dragon flies near rice field Wakayama, Japan

Summer Homework

This series was started after I had lived in the United States for 10 years. Every time I got homesick and missed my home country, I daydreamed of the beautiful landscapes that surrounded me as I grew up in Japan. Yet every time I went back to visit my family and friends, I came back disappointed in not finding those beautiful landscapes that I had imagined. Then I started to pay more attention to how I felt and what I thought when I daydreamed and started to realize that it was not just the landscape I remembered, but also how I felt when I was growing up. It was more of the childhood memories when I had no obligations or responsibilities and felt so free. I set out to try to record the feelings I had during my summers growing up in Japan. This work is about that process.

Keiji Iwai

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